Satellite Media Tour Insights: Earned Trumps Paid

Satellite Media Tours come in all different shapes and sizes. Do you have a story to tell? Have you connected the dots drawing media interest?

Brand Tracking Survey: A Marketing Game Changer

Trackers, Brand Tracking Surveys or Usage & Attitude Surveys are synonymous and intended to measure changes in consumer behavior related to brand, product or service over a period of time. They are also known as waves, as like a wave, they run repeatedly every X months or years, generally using the same questions and metrics. Brand Tracking Research differs from the normal consumer survey as it relies on metric measurement and changes in measurement from wave to wave.

Market Research Insights: 8 Tips for Creating PR Surveys

Survey says...

Brands reach audiences through any number of methods including publicity, advertising, social media, in-store experiences, contests, and so on. But there is only one way to generate content for all the above: market research.

Whether for market insights or storytelling purposes, research has become a must have/must do service for all PR Agencies and consumer brands. Telling stories helps drive the consumer-brand relationship.

Here are eight tips to help ensure your market research PR survey produces headlines you can use:

Satellite Media Tour Insights: Top Tier Media & Facebook Live

No More Cookie-Cutter SMTs!

“Let’s get CNBC. We need to be on ESPN. Any national TV would be great. Can we do something on Facebook during our SMT?”

These are just a few of the things we've heard from clients over the years. All these goals are possible depending on the satellite media tour talent, topic and timing. Just remember bumps in the road are close to inevitable. Here are a few things to keep in mind...

4 Ways Public Relations Pros are Truly Impressive


Over the past two years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to spend every other week in a different city networking with folks in the public relations industry. On average I’ve had 25-30 meetings per month with various levels of PR pros from SVP’s and Managing Directors to AAEs and even interns.

The original goal was to brand my company and introduce the industry to some newer, more innovative satellite media tour executions. My goal gradually transformed into something that will benefit me for years to come: truly understanding and appreciating the exceptional demands of public relations professionals.

What is the Best Day for Your Radio Media Tour?

Why the Day of the Week Matters for RMTs...

You have the topic  and talent for your upcoming radio media tour (RMT). The only thing left to do is pick the date. So what is the best day to share messages with radio listeners around the country?

As a former radio producer, I was pitched guests, daily. Some better than others. I based my decision to book on two factors... first, who are we talking to and what are they talking about? Second, when is the guest available? Most producers have 3 hours to fill for their show. That breaks down to 12 segments and securing one of those coveted spots is mostly about timing. 

Based on my experience as an executive producer and media booker, here’s insight on how the day of the week could impact your radio media tour:

Applying the 4T Filter to Your Media Tour

Teeing Up Success

I recently wrote about applying the 3T Filter (Topic, Talent, Timing) to your SMTs as a predictor of success. Satellite media tour companies should ask questions related to the 3T's in discovery. Honest counsel from the answers leads to picking the most successful tactic.

Over the last few months, I’ve added a 4th “T” to consider. There’s even a wild card 5th “T”. I wonder if you can guess the 5th one now without looking below...First, let’s review…

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