Bentonville Agency Life - Five Tips to Stay Centered

As summer comes to a close, Bentonville agencies in the PR and media world experience a surge of projects. The holidays are approaching and budgets need to be allocated, so there are a slew deals being signed. Are you finding yourself grinding with no end in sight?

Espresso, Pizza, Gelato and Radio Media Tours

I have a love affair with Italy – all things Italian really – so when I discovered in a broadcasting class in college that it was an Italian who invented radio, naturally I was intrigued.  Guglielmo Marconi, credited as the inventor of radio, developed long-distance radio transmission when he was 20 years old (1894) in the attic of his parent’s home in Bologna.  That was 123 years ago.  In the history of the world, or Rome, it’s just a blink in time, but with so many other inventions and innovations since, it’s easy to think of radio as an outdated medium, but nothing could be further from the truth.  

Satellite Media Tours: English vs. Spanish

Most English language Satellite Media Tours can be modified to reach a Hispanic audience, but it’s important you use proper language and hire a spokesperson that can reach what many of my colleagues refer to as the “untapped” market. 

Millennial Impact on Digital PR

Let’s face it, Millennials have a bad rap. As a Millennial myself, I have received my fair share of criticism and generalizations. We hear we’re lazy, distracted, entitled and rude. Research begs to challenge our reputation and actually shows millennials are workaholics, they have longer track records with employers than Gen X and they have the highest desire to make a positive impact on their organization (25%; compared to 21% of Gen X and 23% of Baby Boomers).

Satellite Media Tour Talent: Athletes For The Win

Research continues to validate what most of us already know: earned media is most effective in building reputation and influence.

Samples vs Filters in Your Next PR Survey

When doing research on a topic of interest and PR surveys, researchers simply cannot collect data from every single individual. Instead, they choose a smaller sample of individuals that represent the larger group. If the sample is truly representative of the population in question, researchers can then take their results and generalize them to the larger group.

Help! My Co-Op SMT Fell Through!

“Help, my Co-op SMT fell through!"

It’s fair to say we get these calls at least twice a month from an agency Account Executive needing a media option for their client.

5 Tips for Brainstorming PR Survey Questionnaires

In our offices, collaboration is key to creating successful ideas and campaigns. It’s heavily important to practice and welcome creativity and brainstorming in the workplace for a multitude of reasons especially to break up monotony, strenthen team relationships and increase overall moral.

Five Factors to Consider in an Experiential Marketing Campaign

Experiential marketing can be an influential tactic in traditional PR and standing out from the pack is important in this industry. At 4media Group, we assist in experiential campaigns in many ways especially through capturing video content for TV and online.

New Reality of TV and Online Video Content

When creating video content for TV and online platforms, it’s important to ask yourself three vital questions: