A Cooperative Q&A: On Co-Op Satellite Media Tours

Cooperation truly is key, in more ways than one.  Were we living in a world where the concept couldn’t be understood, consider the number of things that may not be working: Complex surgeries, the sport of curling, and most of public relations.

Multicultural Satellite Media Tours Offer Inroads

The media landscape is more varied now than at any point in history, which shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone.  Look around: Digital is king, social media has provided an unmatched venue for the consumption and consideration of news (which isn’t necessarily a good thing) and the mass ease of targeting millions has opened the floodgates for marketers and content creators of every type. 

But something that flies under the proverbial radar all too often in discussions of modern media is the scale and scope of multicultural news consumption—something that no marketer or content creator should ignore. And at 4media, we don’t. 

Market Research: Focus Group+PR Survey=Ultimate Insight 

The battle between skiers and snowboarders is one we’re all familiar with, at least on some level.  It doesn’t even require you to have performed either sport, it just asks that you understand the natural tension created when two different groups are using a finite resource for the same purpose.

Market Research: The Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative 

To paint an extraordinary picture, artists must often work with varied brushes.  They all have the same function—applying paint—but they serve distinct purposes, each valuable in the hands of someone who understands where to put the pressure. 

Four Reasons Your PR Survey Stinks 

If there's one thing I learned in all my time in media, it's that sometimes the fastest way to results is just telling it like it is.  And here's the truth: sometimes your PR surveys stink. 

Because we’ve done a great number of surveys here at 4media, and worked with clients running the gamut of creative capacity, we've seen some bad PR surveys.  But because a survey is so situational, the creative elements that make an excellent one can vary pretty widely. Question order, question type, answer choice, phrasing, layout and length can all change. But the elements that make a survey bad are easier to assess—so here they are:

How and Why You Should Embrace Livestreaming in Digital PR

If social media has provided us with anything, it must be the opportunity to connect on all fronts.  Part of the benefit of that connection is the opportunity for feedback almost instantaneously—something that can work wonders for brands willing to connect with users on a direct level. 

Options Abound: How to Run an Awesome Native Advertising Campaign 

The end goal of most advertising campaigns is increasing awareness, which can be done in an extraordinary number of ways. So vast are the options in fact that one question facing advertisers has to do with discerning which options are actually worth it.

Among those options is amplification—the practice of taking a piece of content and then having it amplified across the pages of other major publishers, your social media accounts and more.

Pet Pointers: On Perfecting the Pet-Centered Satellite Media Tour

In the world of Satellite Media Tours, we often discuss the fact that there is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” tour--every opportunity presents variations arising from the individual client, the choice of talent, and in some cases the addition of an extra cast member, particularly a pet.  

Public Relations Holidays: Valentine's Day 

For many, Valentine’s Day is marked by those classic symbols of love: Enormous heart-shaped balloons, boxes of chocolate, rose pedals and fire emojis.  But for others, Valentine’s Day means poor eating choices and a healthy dose of dread. The latter group is comprised of two types of people: Singletons, and people working in public relations or journalism. 

The Top Five Tips for Performing a Successful PR Survey 

The ability to pull off a strong PR survey is essential for any agency attempting to glean valuable insights for its client—which means it’s just plain essential.  Surveys have nearly unlimited potential when crafted creatively, and can be used for a wealth of different content.