The 4 Keys to Developing Standout B-Roll and Bites

A team from 4media had the opportunity to make it to E3, the world’s premier video gaming conference, to produce a b-roll and bites package for media distribution.  The entire project, from man on the street interviews, to shooting video throughout the LA Convention Center, to editing, took course over a single day—in hours, as a matter of fact. 

The Considerations and Future of Video Content in Digital PR

It’s fun to classify things as “the future.” Cronuts are the inevitable future of both donuts and croissants; autonomous vehicles are the future of driving; the same two teams playing yet again is the future of the NBA finals. And, if you can believe it, there was a time when video was the future of all manner of things: the internet, advertising, journalism and more—though that time has long past.

Digital PR: What Yanny vs. Laurel Can Teach Us About Going Viral

It is perhaps one of the most unique characteristics of the internet that the things which separate us can have the effect of bringing us closer on a much larger scale. The latest example of this phenomenon is that single word, monotonously making its way into eardrums across the world: Yanny.  Or Laurel, if you’re one of those people.

Natalie Weissman Named VP of Client Communications with 4media group, Inc.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (April 18, 2018) -- International communications agency 4media group, which specializes in public relations, market research and insights, announced the hiring of Natalie Weissman as a VP of client communications.

Weissman will be operating from New York, bringing strong experience to 4media, after working in the industry for over 15 years.  She began her career pitching stories to media outlets across the country, later becoming client facing, where she worked with PR agencies and corporate clients providing a wide array of creative strategies and tactics. 

Agency Life: Communication as the Foundation of Strong Organization

As anyone who has ever run a media tour knows, there are a lot of moving parts to conducting a successful media tour.  Every piece must fit together to create the final product.

This applies to any sort of PR activation, whether it’s going to manifest online, on the TV, on the radio or in person.  Organization is a vital part of the process, no matter what shape it takes, and in this week's look at agency life, we're taking a dive into internal organization in the hopes that it may help others as it has us.

Understanding Newsroom Pressures Can Inform Media Pitching, SMT Performance

When you’ve lived your entire life on one side of the fence, it can be hard to consider what things are like on the other side—even if you can see across.  Such is the relationship between members of the media and marketers or PR’s. In some ways, we live such similar professional lives—but in other respects, our professions couldn’t be more different. 

Jim O'Reilly Named Executive Producer at 4media group

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (April 25, 2018) – International communications agency 4media Group, Inc., which specializes in public relations, market research and insights, announced Jim O’Reilly as its first executive producer in U.S. operations. Spanning 40 years in the industry, O’Reilly’s role as a broadcast news assignment editor and field producer helps add to the newsroom perspective within 4media group.

A Cooperative Q&A: On Co-Op Satellite Media Tours

Cooperation truly is key, in more ways than one.  Were we living in a world where the concept couldn’t be understood, consider the number of things that may not be working: Complex surgeries, the sport of curling, and most of public relations.

Multicultural Satellite Media Tours Offer Inroads

The media landscape is more varied now than at any point in history, which shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone.  Look around: Digital is king, social media has provided an unmatched venue for the consumption and consideration of news (which isn’t necessarily a good thing) and the mass ease of targeting millions has opened the floodgates for marketers and content creators of every type. 

But something that flies under the proverbial radar all too often in discussions of modern media is the scale and scope of multicultural news consumption—something that no marketer or content creator should ignore. And at 4media, we don’t. 

Market Research: Focus Group+PR Survey=Ultimate Insight 

The battle between skiers and snowboarders is one we’re all familiar with, at least on some level.  It doesn’t even require you to have performed either sport, it just asks that you understand the natural tension created when two different groups are using a finite resource for the same purpose.