Why Quality Media Coverage Is Possible During the Holidays

For agency folks, it’s THAT time of year again (the holiday season) which means clients are looking for quick wins for their brand like quality media coverage,  last-minute projects, in-studio interviews etc.  The agency world is doing everything they can to end the year with one final big win for their clients, as they try to earn and retain client business

Media Tour Reports- Not All Impressions Impress

While listening to a podcast by one of my favorite radio shows (sports/comedy based The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on ESPN), I was fascinated by an interview with Kevin Brilliant, Chicago Bulls Business Strategy & Analytics Manager. Their discussion of a behavioral economics theory immediately translated to the experiences many PR agencies and brands associate with satellite media tours – and specifically post tour reports.

Mastering the Art of Brand Mentions in Media Tours

Working both in the newsroom and the Broadcast PR world for the last 11 years, I have concluded that it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it, that really matters.  As Broadcast PR experts, we are tasked to book earned media. It is not often easy especially when you have branded media tours.  You must make sure your spokesperson can deliver a solid soundbite that does not come across commercial.

Satellite Media Tour Insights: Spokesperson Problem Solving

 There are numerous moving parts leading up to a satellite media tour: media relations, logistics management, satellite space coordinates, b-roll, confirmations and makeup, to name a few.

Four Bentonville Focus Group Tips

Focus groups prove continuous efficacy when it comes to learning valuable consumer insights for our clients. In conducting a series of immersive, in-depth interviews meaningful data can be uncovered.

4 Media Relations Questions to Ask Before Pitching


Pharma Satellite Media Tour Insights

The pharmaceutical industry affects most in US society and is one of the largest sectors in the world. Advancement and medical research have transformed the way we live our lives and continue to improve the standards and expectations of healthcare each year. 

Holiday Planning: PR Survey and Satellite Media Tour Timeline

The memes are already popping up on social: Only ___ number of shopping days left before the holidays!

Bentonville Agency Life - Five Tips to Stay Centered

As summer comes to a close, Bentonville agencies in the PR and media world experience a surge of projects. The holidays are approaching and budgets need to be allocated, so there are a slew deals being signed. Are you finding yourself grinding with no end in sight?

Espresso, Pizza, Gelato and Radio Media Tours

I have a love affair with Italy – all things Italian really – so when I discovered in a broadcasting class in college that it was an Italian who invented radio, naturally I was intrigued.  Guglielmo Marconi, credited as the inventor of radio, developed long-distance radio transmission when he was 20 years old (1894) in the attic of his parent’s home in Bologna.  That was 123 years ago.  In the history of the world, or Rome, it’s just a blink in time, but with so many other inventions and innovations since, it’s easy to think of radio as an outdated medium, but nothing could be further from the truth.