Options Abound: How to Run an Awesome Native Advertising Campaign 

The end goal of most advertising campaigns is increasing awareness, which can be done in an extraordinary number of ways. So vast are the options in fact that one question facing advertisers has to do with discerning which options are actually worth it.

Among those options is amplification—the practice of taking a piece of content and then having it amplified across the pages of other major publishers, your social media accounts and more.

Public Relations Holidays: Valentine's Day 

For many, Valentine’s Day is marked by those classic symbols of love: Enormous heart-shaped balloons, boxes of chocolate, rose pedals and fire emojis.  But for others, Valentine’s Day means poor eating choices and a healthy dose of dread. The latter group is comprised of two types of people: Singletons, and people working in public relations or journalism. 

The Top Five Tips for Performing a Successful PR Survey 

The ability to pull off a strong PR survey is essential for any agency attempting to glean valuable insights for its client—which means it’s just plain essential.  Surveys have nearly unlimited potential when crafted creatively, and can be used for a wealth of different content.

Satellite Media Tour Insights: Earned Trumps Paid

Satellite Media Tours come in all different shapes and sizes. Do you have a story to tell? Have you connected the dots drawing media interest?

Market Research Insights: 8 Tips for Creating PR Surveys

Survey says...

Brands reach audiences through any number of methods including publicity, advertising, social media, in-store experiences, contests, and so on. But there is only one way to generate content for all the above: market research.

Whether for market insights or storytelling purposes, research has become a must have/must do service for all PR Agencies and consumer brands. Telling stories helps drive the consumer-brand relationship.

Here are eight tips to help ensure your market research PR survey produces headlines you can use:

4 Ways Public Relations Pros are Truly Impressive


Over the past two years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to spend every other week in a different city networking with folks in the public relations industry. On average I’ve had 25-30 meetings per month with various levels of PR pros from SVP’s and Managing Directors to AAEs and even interns.

The original goal was to brand my company and introduce the industry to some newer, more innovative satellite media tour executions. My goal gradually transformed into something that will benefit me for years to come: truly understanding and appreciating the exceptional demands of public relations professionals.