In An Ever-Changing Audio Landscape, Radio Media Tours Evolve

In the landscape of modern media, it seems as though change is always happening, no matter which metric you turn to.  But there is actually one constant, and it may surprise you.  Recently released Nielsen numbers reveal that radio is still the king of the airwaves, and in a major way.

Espresso, Pizza, Gelato and Radio Media Tours

I have a love affair with Italy – all things Italian really – so when I discovered in a broadcasting class in college that it was an Italian who invented radio, naturally I was intrigued.  Guglielmo Marconi, credited as the inventor of radio, developed long-distance radio transmission when he was 20 years old (1894) in the attic of his parent’s home in Bologna.  That was 123 years ago.  In the history of the world, or Rome, it’s just a blink in time, but with so many other inventions and innovations since, it’s easy to think of radio as an outdated medium, but nothing could be further from the truth.  

Eight Reasons to Stop Dismissing Radio Media Tours

The concept of being a guest on the radio is simple…two people having a conversation about a specific topic. That has not changed. What has changed is the perception that radio is a lost medium for publicity. This could not be further from the truth.

What is the Best Day for Your Radio Media Tour?

Why the Day of the Week Matters for RMTs...

You have the topic  and talent for your upcoming radio media tour (RMT). The only thing left to do is pick the date. So what is the best day to share messages with radio listeners around the country?

As a former radio producer, I was pitched guests, daily. Some better than others. I based my decision to book on two factors... first, who are we talking to and what are they talking about? Second, when is the guest available? Most producers have 3 hours to fill for their show. That breaks down to 12 segments and securing one of those coveted spots is mostly about timing. 

Based on my experience as an executive producer and media booker, here’s insight on how the day of the week could impact your radio media tour: