On Applying the 4T Filter: The Importance of Timing

We’ve written in the past about how to apply the 4T filter to your media tour: Talent, Topic, Timing and Targets. Over the next few weeks, we’ll focus on breaking down those aspects. Today, we’re happy to offer 4media’s four considerations for timing a tour. Check em out, and remember we’re always here to help if you want to talk more.

SMT Insights: What's a Food Stylist, Improving Your Own Food Photos

When considering a satellite media tour or a television appearance, there’s a list of must-haves that most veterans can pull together with ease. It’s the things one may forget to put on that list, which only become obvious once it’s already too late.

One of the things that you may be upset to have left off the list for a great SMT is the topic of today’s conversation—food styling.

Satellite Media Tours: English vs. Spanish

Most English language Satellite Media Tours can be modified to reach a Hispanic audience, but it’s important you use proper language and hire a spokesperson that can reach what many of my colleagues refer to as the “untapped” market.