Internet Media Tour (IMT)

An Internet Media Tour (IMT) reaches target demographics (millennials, moms, business owners, etc.) on their smartphones and desktops!

Just as with a Satellite Media Tour, the strength of online coverage depends on the quality of your Talent, Topic and Timing. Interview opportunities are available with range of online media including niche bloggers to top tier outlets like the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated and YAHOO!

Online placements can potentially include video, gifs, infographics and valuable backlinks to landing pages and websites. Our team can also incorporate social media live streaming on platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube and more.

Internet Media Results

IMT Logistics:

  • 2 to 4 hours with one camera
  • Tour execution possible from any location with a strong internet connection and hard phone line. Ideal for offices and hotels.
  • Includes producer, director, lighting, audio, media pitching, catering, makeup, editing, and reporting.
  • Interviews can post same day or up to 3 weeks later.

IMT investment based on number of desired bookings: 11 & Under, 12-17 or 18-22+.

Internet Media Tour | Makeup

Internet Media Tour Studio