Research for PR & Media

Our two-pronged approach to media research and consumer insight combines a decades of deep qualitative and quantitative research experience with an acute understanding of PR, brand building and media behavior.

Intrinsic Insight

Intrinsic Insight is our research agency that specializes in cutting through to the truth of the relationships that matter between customers and brands by exploring consumer behavior from in-depth qualitative, social media and ‘moment of truth’ perspectives.

The team combines qualitative, social media analytics and ‘moment of truth’-based research tools to shed new light on the customer experience. Combining this multiple lens approach with a flair for journalistic storytelling, they identify ways for you to create more desirable products and engage and communicate more effectively with customers.

Intrinsic Insight

Atomik Research

Atomik Research is our creative market research agency which delivers insightful qualitative and quantitative research results that will get people talking. A strong PR and marketing background enables the team to script the most resourceful questions which get the best results and provide vital news links for strong editorial features. A strong panel of respondents also allows them to pinpoint and connect with your target demographics, no matter how broad or precise.

We know what creative angles work for the media and understand what makes journalists tick. Every research project we work on is given a fresh pair of eyes and a dedicated Atomik Research Project Management Team to work with you every step of the way ensuring the strongest possible research results are delivered which will have an impact on the news agenda, forming public opinion and shaping headlines.