4 Things You Need to Know About SHOPPER SOLUTIONS

You may have noticed our headline. Perhaps it struck you as ‘almost correct.’ Maybe you thought ‘are they talking about shopper marketing?’ Well, we’re not. We’re talking about shopper solutions.

At 4media group, we pride ourselves on innovation, and we’re happy to announce the rollout of a new service. Helmed by shopper veteran Melinda Clark, with the backing of 4media’s marketing and content teams, we’re about to start providing solutions to shopper’s most critical pain point. It’s called shopper solutions, and it’s here to stay.

To celebrate our newest offering, here are the 4 things you need to know about shopper solutions:


1. What It Is

Shopper solutions is a strategic and tactical one-two punch, which merges the worlds of classical communications with shopper marketing to create a comprehensive solution that gives brands creative and communicative consistency, offering access to a full-funnel shopping experience all the way to conversion.

2. How It Works

Shopper solutions work to build a strategy that is all-encompassing. We start with research as our foundation to really understand the current environment in a constantly connected world. The insights from the research drive “why” on the creative hook. Which allows us to provide timely, credible, and newsworthy content that drives shoppers to act.

3. Why One Would Use It

Put simply, you’re going to use this if you want to reach the right people from the start, with communications that make sense throughout a campaign – from the time interest is piqued to carts are full.

If you’re looking for an integrated shopper solution, you should reach out to us. This is the opportunity to make use of 4media’s expansive catalog, pointed toward a new world of opportunity. With our robust research capabilities, content creation capacity, and now this newfound shopper acumen, anybody with an interest in reaching shoppers at every stage of their journey will want to make use of a 4media group shopper solution package.

4. Why It Works

Our concept of shopper solutions works because it offers all the good of tactics typically kept separate from one another. Instead of affording PR surveys or content creation as single services to inform a future campaign, we’re offering top of the funnel tactics that we’re using to inform the remainder of that funnel. We’re not reinventing the wheel, just pulling it out, upping the functionality and then putting it back better than we found it.

If you’re in the market for something thoughtfully new, but classically capable, then come talk to us. We’re ready to take shoppers and brands through the process of content creation to an explainer of that sweet sales lift. Come experience an integrated solution.