Eight Reasons to Stop Dismissing Radio Media Tours

The concept of being a guest on the radio is simple…two people having a conversation about a specific topic. That has not changed. What has changed is the perception that radio is a lost medium for publicity. This could not be further from the truth.

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Here are 8 reasons why you should stop dismissing a radio media tour as a viable tactic for your client:

  1. Loyal Listeners: The radio listener is a creature of habit. The stations best listeners will tune in every day to hear their favorite host or program. It becomes part of their routine. This results in a dedicated audience that will hear your message.
  2. On Demand Listening: With the addition of Podcasting (on demand listening), your interview can live online. Listening habits have changed and many people are listening to podcasts of their favorite radio shows at the gym, at work or at home when they have free time.
  3. Quick Turnaround: Most radio media tours can be booked in 5-7 days so this is a great tactic to execute if you have a short window to work with. The key is having a newsworthy topic and picking the right day. Check out the blog I wrote about choosing the correct day for your tour.
  4. Limited Time & Budget: If your client or spokesperson is availability is limited to an hour or two, a radio media tour can be the most cost effective option. Through a quick media blitz you can reach a large audience by conducting phone interviews.
  5. Longer Interviews: Radio interviews are longer by nature than those on TV. Most segments are 7-10 minutes so there is more time for a discussion and you are not rushed to deliver the brand messaging and/or call-to-action.
  6. The Local Appeal: The beauty of radio is its ability to target a local audience. If you want to reach a specific audience radio can be very effective. You can focus by not only the market or city (MSA) but also by the genre to achieve success.
  7. Visual Component Still Possible: Yes, you can still incorporate video into your radio media tour. How you ask? By providing the producer a quick 30 second video that can be incorporated into a blog on the station’s website. Many stations will also share this content on their social media channels. It’s a win-win; the station gets extra content and your client reaches a new audience resulting in more impressions.
  8. The Original Influencers: Since the early days of Radio Theater, radio hosts have been delivering key messages to their audiences. The message becomes authentic because the audience has put trust in the host. It’s the same reason advertisers want to be on radio.By the numbers (for the stat lovers)
  • 93% of adult consumers (18+) listen to the radio, more than TV, smartphones or tablets*
  • 66 million millennials listen to the radio each week*When you put it all together…loyal listeners, online elements, quick turnarounds and cost effectiveness the benefits of the RMT could be the perfect strategy for your next client execution.

*2016 Nielsen Audio Today

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