Espresso, Pizza, Gelato and Radio Media Tours

I have a love affair with Italy – all things Italian really – so when I discovered in a broadcasting class in college that it was an Italian who invented radio, naturally I was intrigued.  Guglielmo Marconi, credited as the inventor of radio, developed long-distance radio transmission when he was 20 years old (1894) in the attic of his parent’s home in Bologna.  That was 123 years ago.  In the history of the world, or Rome, it’s just a blink in time, but with so many other inventions and innovations since it’s easy to think of radio as an outdated medium, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Radio Media TourEven in this digital, multi-media age, radio still reaches more people than any other medium.  In fact, according to Nielsen Audio, radio reaches over 93% of American listeners (18+) each week – that’s more than TV or smartphones.  Personally, I listen to the radio every morning as I sip espresso and pack school lunches for my kids.  Traditional AM/FM radio remains strong and steady, as podcasting and on-line radio audiences continue to grow.

Almost all radio stations that conduct Radio Media Tours also post their interviews on-line, giving your client’s message a longer shelf life and the chance to be heard by a new audience.  I like the idea that podcasts and internet radio are not replacing terrestrial radio but rather enhancing and expanding upon it – and this benefits everyone.

Radio Media Tours (RMTs) and Audio News Releases (ANRs) are still a vital part of every PR campaign whether the goal is to raise awareness or drive people to a website.  RMTs are ideal when you have a subject that lends itself to in-depth conversations.  Radio hosts love to talk, have plenty of time to fill and usually invite the guests back as often as they like.  The added bonus is that radio is affordable, much more cost effective than other broadcast tactics.

I leave you with this:  Radio Media Tours and Audio News Releases are a perfect way to get your message out to your target audience and still have money left for a gelato or two.


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