Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Intrinsic Insight, our qualatative research consultancy, is an insight bureau with vast capabilities including focus groups. With experience in both brand and agency perspectives, we help clients develop better communications, products, customer experiences and market positioning.

Focus Groups are a group discussion which involves in-depth interviews around a specific topic. This offers a more personalized approach and gives researchers the opportunity to delve deeper into the specifics of their research

Focus Groups

Our focus group experience is especially valuable in helping clients explore issues in:

  • New product development
  • Brand communications
  • Creative development
  • Customer experience
  • Consumer behavior

Our approach fuses together investigation and visual journalistic storytelling to demonstrate the ways in which brands’ really influence people’s lives. In turn, we inspire our clients to deliver better ideas for consumers.

We can organize groups of any size to meet at a central location and discuss a variety of topics. Our panel is made up of several specified demographics which can deliver real insight on a range of issues. In a controlled environment, brands can delve deeper and establish a better understanding of customer wants and needs from an impartial panel. Unlike online market research,focus groups place greater emphasis on key research objectives by expanding on views expressed. Often this type of qualitative analyses raises new questions which can be posted to online panels with a bigger scope of opinion.

We aim to enter the realm of the consumer rather than asking them to become part of ours. We engage in conversations, rather than inquisitions, treating our subjects as individuals, not respondents. Uncovering essential truths through our journalistic approach to research means we’re able help you identify new ideas and spot opportunities ahead of your competitors. We provide a variety of advanced qualitative tools to help really get behind the facade of people’s behaviors and stimulate new thinking.

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