Gratitude Challenge

We live in a time of instant gratification. Addicted to our devices, we can access news quicker than ever before. An event can happen across the world, and we’ll know in hours. It can weigh on a person and make the world feel dark. Thanksgiving week is an auto reminder to give thanks for what we have, and though it’s amazing to have a holiday in place to remind us to give thanks, it’s essential, and can be life-changing to practice gratitude daily. You think I’m kidding? Science proves these facts:

Gratitude can make you happier.

Gratitude helps you sleep better.

Gratitude makes you more likely to exercise!

Gratitude can keep you away from the doctor.

Gratitude is even be good for BUSINESS!


And the list goes on! I would like to challenge you to continue practicing gratitude for a month after Thanksgiving …make a habit of it! Psst…set a reminder in your phone just like all your other activities! Here are activities less than five minutes long, you can practice as often as you please, but daily is recommended. Pick one (or multiple)

  1. Write down 5 things you are grateful for on paper & share with someone close to you. It might seem awkward at first, but once you have someone on board, and you make it a habit, it will feel weirder to NOT do it! I have even worked for a company that started the day with the team sharing 3 things they were grateful for at the beginning of each work day! Can’t get your whole team on board? Ask a co-worker if they’ll do the challenge with you, and hold each other accountable.
  2. Write out a thank you note to someone- Mail Carrier? Coworker? Parent? Friend? Coworker? Police Officer? Fireman? Write out a hand written note, even if it’s something small, it will probably change their day…and yours!
  3. Give someone you are thankful for a quick call to verbally tell them how grateful you are for them. Not easy by any means, but think about how beneficial this could be if you quit being scared!
  4. Keep a journal dedicated to your blessings. Jot down thoughts at the end of your day and finish up with counting your blessings. Some days might seem to hold more blessings than others but I know for sure you can at least count ONE blessing each day.
  5. Turn your devices on airplane mode, find a quiet space and meditate for five minutes. Fill your brains with positivity and THINK about all the things you are grateful for! Or focus on 1-2 things you are grateful for and repeat. This tactic can help if you have a busy mind!

With Thanksgiving, coming in hot, we have a calendar reminder to share our gratitude… Now try to challenge yourself to make it a habit and your life could change in so many positive ways!

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