Headline or Bust? Effective News Generation Tactics to Get Your Campaign Noticed

Generating media buzz, or news generation, can be a powerful tactic in elevating your campaign coverage, but if you don’t create a unique and interesting take on your story or employ the right strategy – not even a killer press release can ensure its effectiveness.

Our experts weighed in to bring you three key elements for effective news generation:

Generate Your Content and Use Research to Your Advantage

A great first step towards effective news generation is of course, in-depth content creation.

One of the best ways to do this is through questionnaires. Why? This tactic draws in helpful and informative statistics that can be used to back up your campaign, giving it much needed relevance and credibility. This research can also help you generate a news-worthy headline – one of the most important aspects of any successful campaign.

For effective research, make sure you utilise an experienced research team that can help you to make the most of your questionnaire.

Get Creative: Unique Angles and Eye-Catching Headlines

Now that you have your research, perhaps you need to consider your angle. Has your story been covered before? If so, you need to evaluate your campaign, story, and research to create a truly unique take. If your story has something new to say, or unveils a shocking statistic with an eye-catching headline, it will appeal to many more media outlets that can help amplify the widespread coverage your campaign needs.

News Generation Tactics to Get Your Campaign Noticed

Consider Your Reach: UK and National Distribution

Through powerful news generation, you should now have a polished, news-worthy story that’s ready to be distributed. But where?

Decide who your target audience is – are you trying to reach British media outlets, or do you want to appeal to the international market? What kinds of media outlets you want to be targeting – is it a print piece, or is it for online? What papers or websites do you want picking up your stories?

4media group has on-site news generation specialists, with an MRS-certified in-house marketing agency to cover all of your research needs. To find out more about what we can do to build and amplify your campaign, get in touch today!

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