Help! My Co-Op SMT Fell Through!

“Help, my Co-op SMT fell through!”

It’s fair to say we get these calls at least twice a month from an agency Account Executive needing a media option for their client.

Note: This blog’s purpose isn’t to slam Co-op SMTs. They remain a viable tactic in the broadcast PR toolbox. Agencies and clients value the budget-friendly exposure across TV, radio and online outlets. With the vast majority of co-ops embracing the paid interview model for guaranteed exposure, it’s easy to see why this tactic remains a piece in the overall PR program.

However, will the co-op actually happen? It’s a good question to ask as they easily fall apart if partners are unable to commit by the deadline.

If your Co-op SMT falls through, ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Do we have a press release or materials we can use to create a 60 second TV and/or radio script?
    • If the answer is yes, as little as 24-48 hours of turnaround time is needed for script development and delivery for your client’s approval.
    • If no, key messages and a call-to-action are sufficient to get started.
  2. Do we have existing video footage we can use for b-roll in a 60 second video for TV placements?
    • If the answer is yes, GREAT- it’s the best way to keep costs down.
    • If the answer is no or not sure, a good partner will help you identify the stock video footage options available to match brand and story standards. Also ask about best possible creative options for video shoots. (HINT: iPhone 7).
  3. Is our client okay with embracing the paid media integrations available on TV, radio and online?
    • If yes, relate client target markets so a paid media integration strategy is presented to meet needed KPIs.
    • If no, ask about the feasibility to execute a quick consumer survey to generate media worthy stats and headlines for earned pitching.
  4. What’s our deadline for the branded content to clear?
    • This answer helps to manage expectations for available options. It’s safe to assume at least 3-5 days from the time all assets are created for the media for delivery and airing.

So if your Co-op Satellite Media Tour falls through or you want to think about an alternative tactic, consider utilizing a Guaranteed Media Tactic. Creativity gives you and your client options for media coverage, especially in the digital age. Its impact on broadcast media opened up standalone branded content opportunities.

Do your client needs and available assets fit perfectly with a GMT (Guaranteed Media Tactic)?

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