How can PR news generation showcase your campaign?

Despite an ever-changing media landscape, brands still covet print and online coverage. PR news generation is the key to the success of this coverage, allowing you to target both broad and specific audiences without being tied to any one platform. But how do agencies use news generation? And how can it boost your campaign?

What is PR news generation used for?

PR news generation is an integral part of any marketing or PR strategy. When a brand comes to your agency looking for the best coverage possible, PR news generation is the starting point. It is essentially the bare bones of any PR campaign and fuels the impact that a PR campaign can have. It is ultimately used to infiltrate the media landscape by creating innovative stories that will capture the attention of multiple media outlets and will showcase a brand without selling.

PR news generation is simple yet effective. Processed through a skilled team of people with creative minds, it can create hype for a brand that allows to it become accessible to both regional, national and sometimes international platforms. PR news generation can take on many forms, and it’s up to the agency to recognise which route to head down for which brands. If orchestrated correctly, it will keep the brand at the forefront of a consumer’s mind, drawing them in and encouraging them to investigate the story further. The end goal of PR news generation is to create top-tier, high-quality content that will work in a variety of different platforms and will appeal to a range of different audiences. It needs to be adaptable and versatile.

PR News GenerationHow can PR news generation boost your campaign?

PR news generation can be constructed through a variety of different methods. One of the starting points is, of course, creative idea generation. Print and digital campaigns rely heavily on creative ideas that produce eye-catching news stories. Through working closely with an agency, creative idea generation can amplify imaginative thinking and turn it into a hard-hitting piece of content that will get picked up by all the right publications.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your content is top-quality is to ensure you have the research to back it up. One aspect of PR news generation involves market research and questionnaire development. This is highly important for your campaign, as consumers are more likely to trust your content if there are statistics to back it up! Through the creation of headline-generating survey questions and the implementation of these findings, you’ll have insightful, engaging content that will help your campaign take off.

Following this is the creation of a polished press release. A good agency will work with you to generate a substantial piece of writing that will help to get your brand’s story across. A well-developed press release is one part of boosting a campaign – through this area of news generation, journalists will have access to a piece of top-quality content that incorporates a spectacular headline, credible statistics and a highly engaging story.

Finally, PR news generation drives your content to the ultimate end goal – coverage. Whether this be regional or national, if your story is strong and your campaign has been fully supported, it should be picked up by a variety of different media outlets. With the support of PR news generation, your campaign should now be able to traverse a number of key channels and be consumed by a large audience.

How does 4media group use PR news generation?

PR news generation is at the heart of everything that 4media group does. We have an in-house team of creative experts who can take your campaign ideas on board and work with you to bring them to life. Our own research team Atomik Research can provide insight and intelligence into your campaign, and through the use of targeted surveys, can generate in-depth results and eye-catching statistics.

With all of your content in place, we’ll create interesting and engaging press releases that will appeal to multiple media outlets and, with our access to an extensive list of contacts in the national and trade media, we can gain widespread UK coverage. Looking for international coverage? 4media group also has access to contacts in the US and around the world, meaning we can secure coverage for your campaign internationally too.

If you’re looking for coverage, whether that be national print, online coverage, regional press coverage, or coverage in sector-specific publications, our highly skilled news team can ensure you get the best possible exposure for your campaign, and can help your brand achieve pick up across it’s targeted media. Contact us to find out more.

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