How to Build Your Brand Profile Through News Generation and Radio Days

You’ve got a solid concept, and now you just need to get it out there. Both news generation and radio days are a great way to boost your brand’s profile, and there are many other added benefits to take advantage of following these activities.

How can you use News Generation?

News Generation is as relevant now as it ever has been. If you’ve got a strong story, print and online media outlets are going to want to use it, so making sure your content is relatable, interesting, and show-stopping is key. News generation enables you to target a wide range of audiences, from general to niche, and is a sure-fire way to boost brand awareness.

News generation is not tied to any particular platform, meaning you can use it to appeal to all channels. Through using this technique, you can generate all kinds of interest, such as videos that you could embed into your story. After all, we have seen a sharp rise in the popularity of vertical content. By using news generation properly, you’ll be able to approach the media intelligently, helping to get your brand recognised and landing some hard-hitting content in one fell swoop.

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How can you use Radio Days?

Taking part in a radio day is an integral part of getting your brand noticed. Once you’ve got your story, you need to find the perfect spokesperson to help amplify your campaign. We recommend that you use a third-party spokesperson, such as an industry expert or celebrity, as they can often be the most likeable and relatable. Next, find your news hook, plan your schedule and away you go!

Using a radio day means you can connect with people across many different channels, wherever they are. Most radio programmes are available to download too, meaning your reach is even greater! You also have more freedom when using radio as a medium to showcase your brand. When conducting a radio day, the conversation will flow more freely, allowing for conversation to develop more naturally and for brand messages to be better communicated. Unlike other media mediums, it’s a chance for your brand to be heard, not seen, which is often more effective for certain campaigns. As with news generation, you can create other forms of content that can be used to further boost your brand. A successful radio day could branch out into a podcast series, and there’s a potential for social collateral to be created off the back of your campaign, meaning it could reach even more people.

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