How to Make the Most of Your Broadcast Day

A broadcast day is a sure-fire way to get your story or campaign off the ground, and can often result in an abundance of high-quality coverage across multiple channels and media outlets. But just what is a broadcast day, and why should you use it to amplify your brand or campaign? We explore this, and explain why having access to a specialist broadcast team can be the final flourish.

What is a broadcast day?

A broadcast day is when a client comes to an agency with a story they would like to share across television and radio. The key to any good campaign is its audience, so prior to this, the client will have been in contact with the agency with one in mind. It’s then up to them to maximise the potential audience for the client via a schedule of pre-booked and live interviews with broadcasters across the UK.

As mentioned above, interviews can be live or pre-recorded. Typically speaking, pre-recorded interviews are filmed or recorded when a producer sees fit, but never any less than seven days before the actual broadcast day. Both parties will always know when an interview is going to be live, so there won’t be any surprises!

Usually, the client will be provided with a cue sheet before they visit the studios where they will be recording. This will outline the story itself, the key clients involved, any work that has already been undertaken and what broadcasts have been scheduled.

Typically, a spokesperson’s brief will also be included. This will also outline the story, as well as any questions that will be asked in the interviews, so the spokesperson has an opportunity to prepare before they go on air.

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How can you make the most of your broadcast day?

Broadcast days are highly effective for lots of different reasons, and are by far one of the best ways to amplify your campaign or brand. But how can you ensure you’re using your broadcast day to its full advantage?

Make sure you have case studies that are going to make your story really stand out. Case studies are the backbone of any good broadcast day, and they can give life to a story, especially with local radio and television stations. For example, if your story is about something that is affecting a specific region of the country, case studies from local people will make your story especially relevant, and more likely to be picked up by these specific media outlets.

Never underestimate the impact of a strong spokesperson. A strong spokesperson can make the difference between your broadcast day being a success or a complete flop, so make sure you have someone that your target audience can relate to and engage with. Third party spokespeople tend to be the most effective, such as an industry expert or celebrity. Try to avoid using employees as your audience may assume it’s an advert for a company!

Next up is news hooks and unique angles. You need to ensure that your story has a hook that’s going to make media outlets want to use it. If your story is already in the public domain, think hard about how you’re going to re-present it to your audience. Do you have a unique angle you can use? Try to find anything you can to make it stand out, else you risk it not being picked up at all.

Finally, consider your delivery. Have you done your research? You may need stats and figures to fall back on to make your story credible. Is your story regional? If so, consider the kinds of case studies you should present, and consider using a spokesperson with that regional accent to help it appeal to your audience. One last note – timing is everything. Is your story on the current news agenda? If so, make sure you pick the timing of your broadcast day carefully to guarantee you make the best possible impact.

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How do 4media group conduct broadcast days?

We have an in-house team of broadcast specialists who will work with you from conception to completion to make sure you get the audience you deserve.

As an integrated communications agency, 4media group can offer you the whole package – from the concept through to market research, news generation to content, and finally delivering a top-quality broadcast day that will land you the very best coverage.

We have in-house studios that make your broadcast day even easier and much more personal. We’ll be on-hand the minute you arrive to help you prepare for your interviews, provide refreshments and lunch and will create a bespoke coverage book after your broadcast day so you can see just how effective your campaign has been. What’s more, we have an extensive media contact book, meaning we can connect you with the right people, ensuring your campaign will get picked up by the very best media outlets.

Interested in working with us for a broadcast day? Contact us today to find out more!

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