Campaign Stats:

  • 18 Pieces of Coverage
  • Air Time: 129 minutes
  • Audience Reach: 1.89 Million

4media group worked on a broadcast day with Bosch to help them promote their new farming technology, the Deepfield Connect field monitoring system. The technology measures temperature as well the humidity of the air and soil through smart sensors which aims to reduce food wastage. The broadcast day was fronted by Jack Ward, CEO of British Growers Association and Thijs Verploegen, Biosystems Engineer and product manager at Deepfield Connect.

One of the most common items going to waste on farms is fruit – and in particular, strawberries. They are one of Britain’s best loved fruits – during Wimbledon 2017 over 34,000 kg of strawberries were consumed – but they are also one of Britain’s most wasted fruits. In fact, almost 10 per cent of strawberry crops (equivalent to £24million) go to waste on UK farms each year. The main reason behind this wastage is the increasing popularity causing farmers to grow crops out of season.  Growing fruit out of season puts them at risk of frost and/or overheating – both of which can damage crops and promote diseases.

By using the Deepfield Connect system, data can be transmitted from the field to the grower’s smartphone. Using an app, farmers can stay in touch with their crops at all times. If the soil is too dry, or if temperatures exceed a defined limit, growers are alerted.  The values are then stored in the app and this data supports growers to aerate and irrigate their crops. The app also has an individually adjustable alarm which ensures that every farmer is able to react in time in case of critical conditions are reached. This ensures quality and yield and minimises production costs and workloads, whilst allocating resources efficiently.

The broadcast day was a huge success with 18 interviews secured. Highlights included BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Tees and more! View the full coverage for the campaign here.

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