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  • 19 Items of Coverage 
  • Audience Reach: 3.03 Million 
  • Air Time: 150 Minutes 
Chris Packham and E.ON In The Studio

Electricity provider, E.On commissioned a broadcast day with 4media group to demonstrate how much electricity the country wastes on their pets. Britain is a nation of pet lovers, pampering our pooches and other companions by keeping the temperature of the home at 20 degrees to leave our pets cosy when we’re not there.  The broadcast day was fronted by animal expert and TV presenter Chris Packham CBE, who was not only able to tell audiences more about the research but was also able share top tips on how we can keep our pets happy without using lots of energy at home. Chris was joined in the studio by Belinda Moore from E.ON.  

The research from E.ON revealed that the nation’s love for its pets runs deep, with nearly a third (31%) of us admitting to leaving the lights switched on and around a quarter leaving a TV (23%) or radio (28%) on for their pet when they’re not home. And in case you were wondering, the most popular TV channels left on for our beloved pets were revealed as BBC 1 (40%) while the preferred radio station for pampered pets is BBC Radio 2 (31%).  

The nation’s pet owners are, however, experiencing disharmony at home in these actions. 41% row over letting pets on the furniture, with over a third (35%) arguing over buying expensive pet food and leaving the heating on for pets (26%) when we’re not home.  

According to the research, women were more likely to treat their pets with three quarters (77%) allowing their pets onto the furniture, compared to two thirds (67%) of men. Meanwhile, millennials were the most likely age group to leave the heating (78%) or TV (31%) switched on. Men do, however, have a soft spot after all – they are more than twice as likely to want to videocall their pet on holiday, 11% compared to 5% of women.  

The broadcast day secured widespread broadcast coverage, with highlights including 12 region BBC stations, including the nation’s biggest region station, BBC Scotland and TalkRadio.  View the full coverage here. 

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