Campaign Stats:

  • 16 Items of Coverage
  • Air Time: 113 Minutes
  • Audience Reach: 2 Million

4media group were commissioned by charity, Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, to promote their Every Horse Remembered project via a broadcast PR campaign. The campaign coincides with the centenary of WW1, educating the public about the part horses played in the War and how many were killed during the conflict. Fronting the campaign was Petra Ingham, Chief Executive of Brooke who was able to talk in more depth about the incredible story of war horses and the charity.

In 1914 when the world was staring war in the face, as well as the millions of men heading off to fight, millions of horses were also being taken away from working farms to help on the frontline. Without the use of heavy machinery, equines were relied on to pull tanks, ambulances and fire engines- they were massively relied upon. Eight million horses, donkeys and mules died during the First World War, not only from fierce shellfire but also the extreme conditions they had to endure.

New research from the charity Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, has found that despite this incredible loss, a fifth of Brits had no idea horses were even used in WWI, let alone that so many died.

Horses were recruited for the war, often against the owner’s wishes, but everything was given for the war effort and a lot of people couldn’t afford to turn down the money. When the war eventually came to an end, many horses that belonged to officers were taken back to Britain, the rest though, were unsaddled and left to roam, or worse, die. To remember the war horses in all their glory, Brooke launched the Every Horse Remembered project.

The campaign secured 16 items of coverage across broadcast media including interviews on BBC Leeds, BBC Norfolk, BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Swindon, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Solent and more.

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