Campaign Statistics:

  • 25 items of coverage.
  • Audience Reach: 51,179,000

4media group recently worked with Parkinson’s UK on their recent campaign surrounding ‘World Parkinson’s Day 2017’ focusing on the less well known symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The campaign comes after recent research showed that 78% off Brits are unaware of the scale of Parkinson’s symptoms.

The spokesperson for the campaign was Steve Ford, CEO of Parkinson’s UK, who was joined by several sufferers to talk about their experiences of living with the disease.

To mark the beginning of World Parkinson’s Day 2018, Parkinson’s UK has revealed a complete lack of awareness surrounding Parkinson’s.  Research by the charity revealed that a whopping 78% of Brits aren’t aware of the extent of the symptoms, and although most people (64%) can correctly identify tremors as a symptom, people with Parkinson’s say that other aspects of the condition including memory problems, sleep issues and anxiety have a greater impact on their lives.

Parkinson’s affects almost every area of a person’s life but there is a worrying lack of public understanding of the day-to-day reality of living with the condition. The survey also reveals that more than a third (37%) of people think that there are less than 10 symptoms of Parkinson’s, despite the fact that there are more than 40 symptoms such as sleep issues, swallowing problems and hallucinations.

The media team managed to secure 25 items of coverage, including 10 regional BBC’s as well as BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio 1 who also created a showpiece story on their website.

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