Campaign Stats: 

  • 53 earned TV pickups
  • ANR audience: 10,300,000
  • Online UVM: 50,000,000+

Coinstar, the national leader in self-service coin counting kiosks, came to 4media group with the idea of generating coverage for one of the most notable times of the year: back-to-school season. The goal was to execute a creative media project that focused on building back-to-school budgets, highlighting how Coinstar could help.

To support the Guaranteed Media Tactic, members of 4media group began by creating a PR survey. The survey focused on the back-to-school shopping experience at large, with questions surrounding the perceived costs, level of stress, existence of peer pressure, and the myriad ways parents shop.

The survey revealed:

  • 70% of parents consider the back-to-school shopping experience to be stressful.
  • 58% of parents said they or their children experience peer pressure surrounding the back-to-school shopping experience, feeling like they need the ‘latest trend’ to send kids back to school prepared.
  • 67% of the parents surveyed said they think school expenses continue to increase, a trend that has shot up since 2017, when 50% of parents responded to the belief that costs were on the rise.

Our team then transformed the research into an engaging media story focusing on the costs and pressures of returning kids to school.

Coinstar also asked 4media group to create a b-roll and soundbite package, which was disseminated to media members along with the story pitch. Essentially, opening the email from 4media group provided directors and producers with an entire broadcast package, delivered with impeccable timing.


  • The Coinstar Guaranteed Media Tactic resulted in 53 earned TV pickups, including a business feature that ran nationally on Fox News.
  • Local earned TV hits included New York City, Dallas, D.C., Houston and Phoenix.
  • Website postings garnered an additional audience of 50 million.
  • The Audio News Release reached an estimated audience of 10.8 million.
  • 24 of the TV hits were in the top-50 markets, while 14 hits were in the top-25 markets.
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