Campaign Stats:

  • 52 Pieces of Coverage
  • 98 Minutes of Airtime
  • Audience Reach: 9.2 Million

4media group worked on a broadcast day with flea and tick treatment brand, Frontline, to promote pet care, the treatment of fleas and raise awareness of flea egg infestation. In order to promote the treatment and discuss the seriousness of the issue, the campaign was fronted by TV vets Marc Abraham and Geoffrey Guyot.

With more than half of British dog owners letting their pets sleep in their bed – and almost a third of which doing so every night, the need for flea treatment is particularly prevalent. The research, conducted by our in-house research division Atomik Research, revealed that 95% of pet owners were unaware that a single flea can lay as many as 50 eggs per day, which then fall off their pet and into the home before hatching and causing an infestation.

Shockingly, many pet owners (15%) admit that they wouldn’t be able to recognize a flea on their pet, and more than half (57%) don’t know what a flea egg looks like.

Though more than half (54%) of our pets have in fact had fleas, one in ten pet owners still don’t feel they need to treat their pet for fleas.

Of those who do treat their pets, only 48% use a treatment that works against both fleas and flea eggs, despite 95% of a flea problems being caused by flea eggs lying in the home.

The broadcast day secured over 52 items of coverage, with highlights including TalkRADIO and an interview with Georgie Spanswick, which syndicates to 39 regional BBC stations.

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