Campaign Highlights:

  • Four broadcast airings in top-10 media markets
  • Nine broadcast airings in top-50 media markets
  • Three national radio airings
  • 36,718,409 online impressions

Campaign Tactics:

  • Satellite Media Tour
  • Media pitching
  • Audio News Release
  • Creation of B-Roll and Bites package


Representatives from GammaPod, the first stereotactic body radiation therapy system optimized for treating breast cancer, approached 4media group about performing a satellite media tour to discuss the technology.

Using an expert spokesperson in Dr. Elizabeth Nichols, 4media group’s media pitching team got to work, booking the tour in stations around the country. To supplement the tour and guarantee additional coverage, the production team put together a b-roll and bites package for use in earned media pitching, which garnered additional earned bookings around the U.S.

An Audio News Release was also distributed, putting the GammaPod messaging across multiple media channels.


The GammaPod Satellite Media Tour aired on four broadcast stations in the top-10 media markets in NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta. The b-roll and bites package was also turned into rip and reads, or mini-packages at stations across the country that were unable to take the SMT.

On the radio, the GammaPod messaging also performed well.  It was picked up on three national stations, Radio Vision Network, Let’s Just Talk and Issues + Ideas. The earned media on the radio garnered nearly 1 million impressions.

The ANR aired on stations nationwide, garnering a total audience of 11,010,000.

The B-Roll and Bites package was also successful, where six top-50 markets that chose not to pick up the SMT were still able to tell the story of GammaPod.

Satellite Media Tour