Campaign Stats:

  • 76 Items of Coverage
  • Estimated Coverage Views: 1.32 Million
  • Circulation: 3.05 Million
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Campaign Highlights:

4media group executed a news generation campaign for specialist UK recruitment consultancy Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS), regarding interviewers asking inappropriate questions to job candidates. The press release included quotes from Ricky Martin, the founder of HRS and winner of The Apprentice 2012.

A shocking 85% oF interviewers have admitted asking illegal questions when grilling job seekers, new research by UK science and technology recruitment specialists, Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) has revealed.

55% admitted asking candidates what year they were born and 42% asked if the applicant was planning to start a family. In addition, the vast majority 91% of interviewers surveyed said they did not think it was illegal to ask a candidate if they drink alcohol and 88% said it was acceptable to ask a candidate whether or not they planned to have children.

The top 10 illegal questions that hiring managers admitted they have asked candidates in interviews include:

  • What year did you graduate? (59%)
  • What year were you born? (55%)
  • Do you have any children? (56%)
  • Are you physically fit and healthy? (53%)
  • Are you in a relationship or married? (51%)
  • Have you got any plans to start a family? (42%)
  • Where is your accent from? (46%)
  • Will you need flexible time for family life? (46%)
  • Did you grow up outside of the UK? (45%)
  • Will you need time off during half term? (43%)

The research also unveiled confusion among interviewers over what can and cannot be asked in interviews, with 47% of hiring managers saying they have never had official training on what questions are legal and illegal to ask in an interview

The news generation campaign secured more than 73 pieces of coverage, on the likes of The Daily Mirror, Metro, Daily Star, The Telegraph and more. The story also picked up a great deal of B2B coverage across recruitment focused publications such as People Management, Recruitment Grapevine, PA Life, HR Magazine, and more!

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