Campaign Statistics:  

  • 48 Items of Coverage 
  • Audience Reach: 2.41 Million 
  • Air Time: 76 Minutes 
  • Coverage Views: 218K
  • Circulation: 680K
  • Social Shares: 233

4media group were commissioned by Adaptil to look at the effect of Bonfire night on the nation’s pets via an integrated PR campaign. The campaign consisted of research of 2,000 UK dog owners which supplemented a broadcast day and a news generation project. The campaign specifically looked at how national holidays and events such as Halloween, Fireworks Night and New Year’s Eve, cause huge distress to dogs and the importance of keeping them relaxed and creating a safe haven for them during these events. The broadcast day was fronted by Cat “the Vet” Henstridge from CBBC The Pets Factor and Technical Veterinary Advisor Andy Fullerton from Adaptil. 

The research, conducted by our in-house research division, Atomik Research, revealed that 86% of dog owners have seen their dog distressed during loud noises. 60% of owners have seen their dog distressed during Bonfire Night or firework displays; 52% have during storms; 29% on Halloween when strangers are coming up to the house and 26% during hoovering. 

When distressed, owners said their dogs showed symptoms such as cowering away (46%), barking excessively (41%) and running around furiously (30%). To calm their dog, owners stay beside them (59%), stroke them (54%) and close the curtains and doors (42%). 

It’s no surprise then that over half of those surveyed said that they dread Bonfire Night because of the effect it has on their dog. 60% would be interested in training their dog for sound, to help them prepare for loud events such as Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve. 

The campaign achieved widespread media coverage across broadcast, print and online platforms. Coverage highlights included The Daily Mirror in print and online, a host of regional publications, BBC Radio Scotland,  BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Nottingham, BFBS and much more. You can view the full coverage here.  

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