Asda – Risks We Take in the Sun

Integrated Campaign


To promote their sun cream range, ASDA, came to 4media group to conduct an integrated PR campaign. The campaign looked at risk’s UK adults are taking when it comes to the sun, specifically the lack of use of sun cream. Considering that last summer’s heatwaves have officially been classed as “extreme weather conditions,” Brits are opening themselves up to significant skin damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. Our bad skin habits also go beyond just not applying sunscreen. Tanning agents and oils have been trending in popularity, but most have adverse side-effects for your skin.


As a creative base for the campaign, which featured both Broadcast PR and News Generation, we conducted research of 2,002 adults located in the UK.

The results revealed:

  • 51% of respondents never check the UV forecast when they go outside in the sun.
  • 79% of respondents have previously been sunburnt.
  • When those respondents got sunburnt, 73% were concerned enough to apply lotion or cream, 13% were concerned enough to go and see a doctor, and 14% were not concerned at all.
  • 45% of respondents said they will always apply sunscreen when out in the sun here in the UK, while 78% said they would always apply sunscreen when abroad on holiday.
  • The most common interval to apply sunscreen at is every two hours (56%).
  • Respondents were most likely to wear sunglasses (62%) and stay hydrated (61%) in order to protect themselves from the sun here in the UK.
  • When buying sunscreen, respondents were most likely to consider the SPF rating (63%) and the UV rating (51%).
  • Respondents are most worried that UV light can cause skin cancer (53%), but less than half of respondents (49%) are aware that melanoma skin cancer is one of the top two most common cancers in young people.
  • 66% of respondents believe that sunscreen lotions are expensive.


By engaging in an integrated Broadcast PR and News generation campaign we were able to reachboth national and regional audiences which gave us the greatest platform for amplification and enabled us to reach the largest desired audience. Through our research, we were able to garner the most effective news hook which enabled us to write an engaging narrative –  in this case alarming peoplewithin the UK about the dangers they are facing from their actions.

To host that campaign and talk all things sun care we recruited former Love Island contestant, Dr Alex George. During last years trip to the villa Alex suffered from extreme sunburn, an injury that swept the internet. As a result of this well-known case, Alex was fully equipped to talk about his experience of sunburn and the dangers associated with it. Due to the timing of the campaign, coinciding with Love Island 2019, Alex was also a hot choice for broadcasters who wanted to talk about the current series. This was something we utilised in order to secure coverage and a great example of getting the timing and your spokesperson correct.


The integrated campaign achieved over 140 items of coverage across broadcast and press publications, with highlights including:

Campaign Stats from Asda Integrated Campaign
Integrated Campaign: Asda - Risks We Take in the Sun
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