Campaign Statistics:

  • Items of Coverage: 29
  • Air Time: 96 Minutes
  • Audience Reach: 1.37 Million
  • Coverage Views: 201K
  • Circulation: 2.02 Million

4media group were commissioned by Harley Street Hair Clinic to look at hair loss and its links to stress and the pressures of social media via an integrated PR campaign. The integrated campaign consisted of research of 2,000 UK adults, conducted by our in-house research division, Atomik Research, which supplemented a broadcast day and news generation project. The broadcast day was fronted by Nadeem Khan from Harley Street Hair Clinic, as well as a number of case-studies from across the UK.. 

With social media dictating people’s looks and their lives more than ever before, it’s no surprise that many feel pressure to look a certain way in order to fit in. New research has revealed that the majority of people think there is more stigma attached now to certain conditions, especially hair loss, compared to 10 years ago.  

The research, commissioned by Harley Street Hair Clinic, has uncovered the extent to which stress correlates with hair loss. 2 in 5 people surveyed suffer from a degree of a hair loss, and 40 is the average age that many begin losing their hair. 1 in 5 say that stresses in their daily lives affects their hair loss the most. 21% also attribute their hair loss to stress at work, while lack of sleep, illness and diet are also considered contributing factors.  

Additionally, respondents who suffer from some degree of hair loss are twice as likely to describe themselves as ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ stressed in their daily lives as a result, compared to people who don’t suffer from hair loss. And stress isn’t the only consequence of Brits hair loss – over a quarter of those with hair loss say that they now consider themselves unattractive as a result. Similarly, 20% of those with hair loss say they feel less attractive to their partners. And the bias goes both ways, as a quarter of people say that they are less likely to date someone else with noticeable hair loss. 

The campaign secured extensive media coverage across print, online and broadcast platforms. Highlights include The Sun online, The Scottish Sun online, The Irish Sun online, The Sun on Sunday Online and in print, The Scottish Sun on Sunday online, The Irish Sun on Sunday online, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Star online and in print,  BBC Radio TeesTalkRadio and more! 

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