Campaign Statistics: 

  • 33 Pieces of Coverage
  • Online Reach: 407 M
  • Circulation: 6.09 M
  • 12 Links to client site in coverage

4media group were commissioned by insurance company, LoveIt CoverIt to look at the nation’s relationships with their phones as part of their marketing activity. The campaign featured a PR survey of 2,000 UK adults, conducted by our in-house research division, Atomik Research, which we used to supplement a news generation campaign.  The research and the story looked at how much the British Public use their mobile phone, and specifically, how that mobile usage is affecting their relationships and their daily lives.   

The research revealed that three-quarters of young Brits can’t go to the loo without taking their phones with them, a study has found. A massive 73% of people aged 25-30 confess they can’t do without their mobile in the bathroom, with men being the worst culprits. 

 Half (48%) of British people spend more time on their phones than they do playing sports or exercising in a typical week, and 42% say they spend more times on their phones than they do having sex. In fact, 16% of those in relationships say that their phone usage exceeds the amount of time they spend even talking to their partner! 

A fifth of relationships are marred by bickering over smart phone use, and a quarter of men have delayed sex in order to use their phones, according to research. A quarter (23%) of those surveyed admitted to delaying or refusing sex because they were using their phones. The biggest cause of this was checking work emails or replying to messages. 

A quarter (23%) of British people would class their phone usage as ‘high’, meaning it is always with them and they spend several hours a day using it. A further 38% describe themselves as having ‘medium’ usage, and 39% have ‘low’ usage. 

The campaign achieved extensive online and print coverage, with highlights including The Metro, multiple articles in The Sun in print and online, The Mail Online, The Mail on Sunday, The Scottish Mail on Sunday, The Scottish Sun in print and online, The Irish Sun in print and online and a host of regional titles.  

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