After an amazing moment was captured on film during a diving excursion, the team at Tourism Western Australia came to 4media group to conduct a press sell-in and secure news coverage of the amazing moment.

The last thing diver and photographer, Jake Wilton, expected when diving off the coast of Western Australia was to be approached by an enormous Manta Ray. Whilst in awe of the magnificent creature, Wilton noticed that the ray was actually approaching the divers in need of help to remove a fishing hook caught under her eye. The footage shows the ray, affectionately named Freckles, spreading her wings floating completely still in front of the diver.


Our news team, made up of former journalists and PR specialists, took the awe inspiring video and drafted a press release of the story to be sent to the largest publications in the UK and beyond via a press sell-in. The addition of the video as a visual asset was hugely beneficial is it meant we could provide a more substantial offering to journalists, particularly online.

In this instance, the story sold itself, tugging on the heart strings of audiences and relating to the hot topic of water pollution and the effect on marine wildlife. It’s extensive success was in no small part related to the strength of the visual assets and the powerful impact of the empathy towards human and animal.

The story and video achieved widespread coverage both in the UK and Australia and is continuing to make headlines. Some of the coverage highlights so far include:

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The Times Tourism Western Australia Press Sell-In
The MailOnline Tourism Western Australia Press Sell-In
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