Campaign Tactics

  • Pre-roll video views via YouTube
  • Youtube Promotion

Campaign Highlights

  • 30 percent completion rate on 7-minute video
  • .56% Click Through Rate
  • 50,000+ views

With little time to work and a campaign deadline approaching, 4media was tasked with driving more views to a YouTube video encouraging purchases of a song by iconic rocker Jimmie Van Zant.  Proceeds from the sale of the song would benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the leading organization creating awareness concerning the need to get tested for Hepatitis C infection.

The YouTube promotion 4media group enacted ran from August 10 to August 29, 2018, and it targeted those at risk for Hepatitis C, as well as those interested in Jimmie Van Zant, country rock, classic rock, southern rock and Vietnam Vets.

All targeting was done within the United States.


The campaign on YouTube delivered over 50,000 views and 285 clicks to campaign website, The click-through rate was strong, at .56 percent. The video itself was over 7 minutes long, and 30 percent of those who watched it finished the entire thing – and almost unheard of statistic – and one credited to the pinpoint targeting.

New York, Los Angeles and Chicago all had particularly high engagement. Dallas, Houston and Atlanta followed with strong engagement numbers.

The video was viewed by more males than females, and the 45 – 54 year-old group was the most likely to click.

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