Campaign Stats:  

  • 13 Pieces of Coverage 
  • Online Readership: 200 Million 
  • Print Circulation: 567,000 
  • 57 Socials Shares 

4media group worked with current account providers, U-Account, on a campaign looking at the UK’s ‘Ostrich Nation’; what things are keeping British adults awake at night and burying their head in the sand over. The campaign featured research and news generation elements.  

The survey of 2002 UK adults conducted by our in-house research division, Atomik Research revealed the top 50 modern worries with the boiler breaking down in winter topping the list. Boiler breakdowns were followed closely by having insufficient savings and not getting enough sleep in second and third place.  

The survey also found that 54% of 25-34-year-olds have not checked their accounts in the past month, while 39% of all employed adults have avoided looking at their bank balance due to money worries. More than half of millennials have turned a blind eye to their balance for more than a month, while 25% haven’t checked their statements in three months. 

The news generation campaign achieved widespread media coverage with 13 articles across print and online publications. Coverage included print coverage in the Daily Mirror as well as 2 articles on the Mirror Online, a piece on the Sun and Scottish Sun online and various items of regional coverage.   View the full campaign coverage here.

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