The New Generation of PRs

Something we concentrate on greatly at the 4media group is the training and development of the upcoming generation of PR’s that will hopefully be the next leaders of the industry.

We offer various internship opportunities for young professionals looking to further their career within the sector. We aim to give graduates and young professionals the taste of working in an agency, furthering their experience for their next roles while learning the tricks of the trade and getting to know our ‘work family’.

We caught up with our newest interns at 4mediarelations Julia Prendergast and Nathan Folefac to share their experiences and what it’s like being part of the team:

Julia- Ottawa, Canada

“Many people grapple with whether to do an internship overseas – it’s a nerve-wracking experience. Being immersed in a culture that is unfamiliar to you both in work and in daily life can bring its own set of challenges, especially if it is your first time working in that industry. However, I have found my time interning abroad to be one of the most valuable and memorable experiences of my life.

I currently study Communication and Media Studies at Carleton University in Ontario, Canada. My only experience in PR came from sitting in a lecture hall, listening to professors espouse everything from Lasswell’s model of communication to the differences between persuasive and propagandized media. Though this prepared me well for ten page reports, it only provided the basic building blocks for which I would use at 4mediarelations.

Working in PR is different than learning about PR. It is only in working that you feel the pressure from a client, or a deadline fast approaching – and I was just an intern! I’ve also learned to appreciate statistics and can now recognize the importance of them, instead of groaning at the thought of numbers. They provide the context that makes a story tangible. I’ve discovered that, especially in PR, your contacts are incredibly important, and that networking is vital. What goes on behind the scenes of a campaign in broadcast is more intricate than I had thought.

A big part of my job while interning was to create coverage reports, meaning that I got to follow up with a lot of the campaigns that were ongoing during my time at the company. Being able to see and actually numerically quantify the effect a campaign had, and on how many people, was an eye-opening experience.

Being able to say that I played a part in getting a piece of coverage on air is also exciting, in more ways than one. It meant people had heard a message that I had a hand in creating (however small that may have been). It also means that I’ve gotten real, hands on experience working with the British media. It’s interesting to juxtapose the British media with that which I consume at home. Radio seems to be much more popular here, for instance.

Despite these many positives of completing an internship abroad, the challenges do exist. It took me a moment, and some research, to understand what the brands I was dealing with did, as they were unfamiliar to me. When faced with moments of uncertainty, it’s important to remember you can always ask for help. In my amazing experience, I found that co-workers will make the time to talk things through with you. Everyone wants you to succeed just as much as you do.

Prior to the journey overseas, there could be cautionary reminders to be wary of everything from the differences in organizational culture in the country, to what to wear on your first day of work. Post internship, this outlook has vastly changed. It has been a time of transition for me, marking the shift from a wide-eyed university student to someone who knows what they want to do and why they want to do it. This experience has helped me to become a more confident, multi-faceted worker with a taste of what my future in PR will look like.”

Nathan, Loughborough, United Kingdom

“Having only been a 4mediarelations for a short time there is still a lot I am learning and adjusting to but being able to practice graphic design in a professional setting has been great.

Graphic design is one of my passions and I have always had a dream to work in the capital so this experience gives me the best of both worlds. Despite the excitement, a part of me was very nervous as I have never worked within an agency before, however when I arrived everyone was really friendly which made it easy for me to settle in. Luckily, I was integrated within the team quite quickly, the staff were quick to welcome me, which is always nice when you start somewhere. Having all the software I need I have been able to really keep my head down and assist with a few redesigns – I have plenty of projects to keep me busy.”

Applications are now open for our internship positions, so if you think you have what it takes please, contact us. 

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