What is the Best Day for Your Radio Media Tour?

Why the Day of the Week Matters for RMTs…

You have the topic and talent for your upcoming radio media tour (RMT). The only thing left to do is pick the date. So what is the best day to share messages with radio listeners around the country?


According to our in-house experts, some who are former radio producers, “I was pitched guests daily — some better than others. I based my decision to book on two factors… first, who are we talking to and what are they talking about? Second, when is the guest available? Most producers have 3 hours to fill for their show. That breaks down to 12 segments, and securing one of those coveted spots is mostly about timing.”

“Based on my experience as an executive producer and media booker, here’s insight on how the day of the week could impact your radio media tour”:

Check Your Calendar!


  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday tend to be the best when targeting a news talk or music station. This holds true for live interviews or taped interviews. Why? As a producer, these days are the easiest to plan in advance. This also gives the producer and host an opportunity to structure the rest of the show or hour around their guest segments. Many producers will also dedicate one of these days to tape interviews for the week.


  • Mondays are the hardest day. They’re reserved for covering breaking news and weekend happenings. Monday is also the day when producers and hosts plan their week, so there’s not much time available for taping interviews. If Monday is the only day you can do your tour, don’t let this deter you. You can still conduct a successful RMT with a newsworthy topic or an A-list talent.

  • Fridays are all about the 2 “L’s”…luck and laziness and 1 “E”…entertainment! They are often jam-packed with benchmark segments (segments done every day of the week). Meaning, you need to be lucky that a segment is available for an interview or have a lazy producer who books whatever’s put in front of them to fill the show. The exception is a celebrity promoting a movie that releases that weekend as there is usually a segment dedicated to entertainment.

  • Wednesday (again) is the best day if you want to target the sports media. It’s the slowest news day in the sports world. Hosts and producers need content to fill the show and will say “yes!” more times than not.  Tuesday and Thursday are next best for the reasons mentioned above. Mondays and (Football) Fridays are going to be the toughest days. These days, shows are talking about weekend games. Sports media will offer the most flexibility if you’re offering an athlete spokesperson the host wants on the show.

Ready for a successful Radio Media Tour? We’re happy you’re doing an RMT to raise awareness! The medium is alive and well. Nielsen Audio Today recently reported 93% of adult consumers (18+) listen to the radio, more than TV, smartphones, or tablets. If you have any questions about what can take your tour to the next level, just ask!

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