Why You Should Be Using Research in your PR Campaign

Using PR Research is one of the best ways to get your campaign off the ground. As well as helping to make your story your own, it can amplify campaigns, creating many benefits that you may not have previously seen. Here, we’ll explain how to use PR Research, and the ways it can boost your brand.

What is PR Research?

PR Research is essential to any campaign that a company is putting out as it will create a more informed story; using research can make a story more credible to the company’s consumers. This can include mediums such as background research, filtering through the news to find relevant stories to the client that can be used in a news campaign, creating infographics to present your facts, and finding your initial statistics. All these variants of research equally contribute to getting a campaign running, making sure that it stands out amongst the others.

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What are the benefits of using PR Research?

A major benefit of using PR Research campaigns is that once you’ve got it… it’s yours! Creating your own surveys and finding your own statistics means that you can use them in whatever way you want to within your own campaign. Furthermore, you’ve got your hands on the information first.

Another benefit of conducting research is creating your own news hook/niche for your campaign. By using statistics, you can find a hard-hitting headline that will immediately attract people to your story. For example, the headline, ‘Brits spend 110 hours a year dwelling on the past’, is sure to generate a lot of interest due to the nature of its implied content.

By using research in your PR, you are presenting the brand as an industry leader, showcasing them as the company who is doing the pioneering research about their sector, and are pushing the facts out to their target audience.

How can PR Research amplify your campaign?

PR Research can boost your campaign by convincing the audience that your story is true and believable in comparison to other campaigns which do not have any credible sources for their numbers and information, rendering them unreliable. Using research in your campaigns in forms such as polling and surveys means that you can quantify the social issue that your campaign is tackling.

Some forms of research such as desk research, finding the ‘facts’ on the computer, can be outdated as they are not contemporary and do not keep up to date with current events – essentially, they’re old facts. Online research can be handy though – just make sure your sources are credible and recent. Using consumer research for PR, however, keeps your campaign relevant as consumers dictate society, so whatever they say will be the most current opinion. This can amplify your campaign as it means that your numbers and statistics are accurate and up-to-date with the current social affairs.

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