Digital PR: In Video, Branded Content Comes Highly Recommended

As things become more popular and their usage widens, they often fragment into smaller, more specific versions of the same thing.  There are examples across genres and entire forms of expression.  Once there was a time when you could just listen to metal.  Now you have to listen to thrash metal, or melodic death metal, or emo-core groove metal.

The same is true of video. 

PR’s and marketers distinguish between several different types of video, and the dichotomy is a meaningful one insofar as separating strategic aims. You can make explainer videos, company culture videos, vlogs, testimonials, traditional advertisements, and today’s topic of conversation: branded video.

Utilizing the PR Survey as a Pitching Tool

Most things worth studying, or doing professionally for that matter, have dichotomies.  They can be broken down, their differences expressed, and their similarities debated.  

Media is no different, and people are sometimes surprised that we too, have a dichotomy.  Not between fake and real, though the point could be made, and not even between good and bad. No, it’s something much less subjective: Earned media, paid media, and owned media.  

Jim O'Reilly Named Executive Producer at 4media group

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (April 25, 2018) – International communications agency 4media Group, Inc., which specializes in public relations, market research and insights, announced Jim O’Reilly as its first executive producer in U.S. operations. Spanning 40 years in the industry, O’Reilly’s role as a broadcast news assignment editor and field producer helps add to the newsroom perspective within 4media group.

Why Quality Media Coverage Is Possible During the Holidays

For agency folks, it’s THAT time of year again (the holiday season) which means clients are looking for quick wins for their brand like quality media coverage,  last-minute projects, in-studio interviews etc.  The agency world is doing everything they can to end the year with one final big win for their clients, as they try to earn and retain client business