Utilizing the PR Survey as a Pitching Tool

Most things worth studying, or doing professionally for that matter, have dichotomies.  They can be broken down, their differences expressed, and their similarities debated.  

Media is no different, and people are sometimes surprised that we too, have a dichotomy.  Not between fake and real, though the point could be made, and not even between good and bad. No, it’s something much less subjective: Earned media, paid media, and owned media.  

Market Research: The Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative 

To paint an extraordinary picture, artists must often work with varied brushes.  They all have the same function—applying paint—but they serve distinct purposes, each valuable in the hands of someone who understands where to put the pressure. 

Brand Tracking Survey: A Marketing Game Changer

Trackers, Brand Tracking Surveys or Usage & Attitude Surveys are synonymous and intended to measure changes in consumer behavior related to brand, product or service over a period of time. They are also known as waves, as like a wave, they run repeatedly every X months or years, generally using the same questions and metrics. Brand Tracking Research differs from the normal consumer survey as it relies on metric measurement and changes in measurement from wave to wave.