SMT Insights: What's a Food Stylist, Improving Your Own Food Photos

When considering a satellite media tour or a television appearance, there’s a list of must-haves that most veterans can pull together with ease. It’s the things one may forget to put on that list, which only become obvious once it’s already too late.

One of the things that you may be upset to have left off the list for a great SMT is the topic of today’s conversation—food styling.

Fighting Fake Followers in Digital PR

We live in an unparalleled age of social contact, where connections have become capital in their own right, and to build a brand--either personal or otherwise--requires the cultivation of those connections.  

At the outset, this may not seem a terribly new insight.  After all, brand building and business building have long relied on social relationships, though those were once built in coffee shops or on golf courses.  And the element of change most strongly driving the commodification of contact? Social media.  

Digital PR: Using TV Methodology to Build a Client’s Social Presence

Anyone who has spent time as a working journalist is familiar with the Five W’s, those all-important questions that build the foundation of a sound story: who, what, when, where and why. But something eluding the modern broadcaster, much like the modern teenager, is a sense of how to take their pivotal questions and place them in a unique social setting.  This is the question a savvy anchor, producer or web content manager is charged with answering every day. I’ve made some headway.