Digital PR: In Video, Branded Content Comes Highly Recommended

As things become more popular and their usage widens, they often fragment into smaller, more specific versions of the same thing.  There are examples across genres and entire forms of expression.  Once there was a time when you could just listen to metal.  Now you have to listen to thrash metal, or melodic death metal, or emo-core groove metal.

The same is true of video. 

PR’s and marketers distinguish between several different types of video, and the dichotomy is a meaningful one insofar as separating strategic aims. You can make explainer videos, company culture videos, vlogs, testimonials, traditional advertisements, and today’s topic of conversation: branded video.

The Considerations and Future of Video Content in Digital PR

It’s fun to classify things as “the future.” Cronuts are the inevitable future of both donuts and croissants; autonomous vehicles are the future of driving; the same two teams playing yet again is the future of the NBA finals. And, if you can believe it, there was a time when video was the future of all manner of things: the internet, advertising, journalism and more—though that time has long past.

New Reality of TV and Online Video Content

When creating video content for TV and online platforms, it’s important to ask yourself three vital questions: