5 Tips for Brainstorming PR Survey Questionnaires

In our offices, collaboration is key to creating successful ideas and campaigns. It’s heavily important to practice and welcome creativity and brainstorming in the workplace for a multitude of reasons especially to break up monotony, strengthen team relationships and increase overall moral.

Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and where appropriate profits. -Edward de Bono

PR Survey

We work with agencies and brands on multiple levels in creating and fielding PR surveys. Many times, we are tasked with creating the full questionnaire and potential headlines resulting from the stats. It requires the team to huddle together to brainstorm all the Q&A possibilities to share for client approval and fielding.

So what are some of our fundamental tips for creative brainstorming?

  1. Create a separate, safe space to share ideas. That could be a separate room or nook but move away from the regular work locations in order for all parties to focus on the task at hand: letting their minds wander and create.
  2. Be open-minded. Open your mind to any idea proposed. One idea can lead to another, which will lead to another and then BOOM,  something genius is born. IE BRAINSTORM 🙂
  3. Listen to what all participants have to say and their ideas. And don’t you dare judge. There is no such thing as a dumb idea in a creative session.
  4. Get creative and think outside the box. It’s okay if an idea you have is outside of the spectrum of the original plans. You can hone in and focus later on. Think BIGGER!
  5. Every day is different. If you get your team into a brainstorm and juices just don’t seem to be flowing on a topic, that’s okay! Sometimes there are external reasons, sometimes people just have bad days. Maybe your team has been putting in overtime on a project and their brains are maxed. Table that topic, and circle back to the idea a different day or even a different hour with fresh minds.

Extra tip: Have a large brainstorm coming up? Provide coffee for a morning session or wine for an evening sesh to increase that creative flow!

PR Surveys

“Brainstorming is like improv. “No” is not an answer. The response to an idea is yes, then you build.” -Alex Hinojosa

Our team is always happy to brainstorm with your team on any projects you might have, including PR surveys.

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