Maximizing Your Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

Satellite Media Tours (SMT’s) are a powerful tool for communicating with a large audience across the country. Their reach can be immense, however there are even more ways to capitalize on the exposure a SMT provides, simply by thinking about how you can employ the resources of the SMT you’re already using.

At 4media group, we examine the various ways it’s possible to expand beyond one method of delivery, by making use of multiple platforms and the best use of one of the most precious resources… time.

Here are 4media group’s recommendations for integrating available SMT resources in order to increase the influence of your message:

1. Consider Radio for Early Mornings

Recognizing that many live TV interview opportunities will come a little later in the morning, it’s a good idea to think about how to make the most of your time. By pitching to radio stations early in the morning, 4media group can put that downtime to work for you and spread the message even further.

Your spokesperson also receives the benefit of ‘warming up’ without appearing on camera; this is a great way to loosen them up before the on-camera segments begin. You essentially kill two birds with one stone by courting additional audiences, and giving the spokesperson a chance to get in “the zone” before their TV time starts.

It’s also worth noting that radio is still a very powerful tool, despite those who believe downloaded content and music streaming services have replaced the medium and lessened radio’s impact. This simply isn’t the case, and you’ll be glad you planned accordingly to take advantage of it. In fact, radio reaches 92 percent of U.S. adults each week!

smt satellite media tour

2. Think of What’s Outside the SMT Studio Location

“Location, location, location!” — this isn’t just a phrase to think about when house hunting; it’s also an important factor when choosing a studio to host your Satellite Media Tour. If the key messages of your SMT have a national draw, you can make use of your studio location to reach even more people. In one such instance, 4media group recently booked an SMT at a studio location in New York City, which was within a very short driving distance from influential national network studios.

The topic pitched to the media outlets appealed to various nearby business networks. The spokesperson was able to appear live in studio on the FOX Business Channel earlier in the morning. After that appearance, it was just a short 10-minute drive to get the spokesperson back in the SMT studio in time to appear on various outlets across the country. The effectiveness of your SMT all comes down to what you plan to discuss and how you’re marketing key messages to important media outlets.

3. Start Later in the Morning for Televised Bookings

By focusing on late-morning to early-afternoon TV bookings, 4media group produced 17 back-to-back interviews for a client in just a two-and-a-half-hour time period. That’s a lot of exposure in a very short amount of time, but it takes proper planning to execute along with allocating enough of that precious resource—time.

Time management is crucial. Ensuring your spokesperson has a clear schedule on the day of the SMT is paramount to maximizing the opportunities for connecting with a much larger audience. That dedication to the day of the SMT carries with it the benefit of increased media coverage.

smt satellite media tour

4. Carve Out Some Time to Create Content for Owned Channels

Speaking of time, you’ll definitely want to shift focus to what you plan on doing after the live and taped interviews have wrapped-up. Chances are your organization has social channels available to help promote all the work you just put in during the Satellite Media Tour.

We can help you create content that incorporates the work from your SMT as well as create new content for your owned social channels. 4media group will compose and edit a media package that can be distributed online in a variety of ways, be it on social channels or by using a native platform that delivers your message on a wide array of premium publishing websites.

You might also consider live-streaming with your spokesperson right from the SMT studio to help answer your audience’s burning questions in real-time. Or you might take advantage of live-streaming to elicit a more organic, conversational discussion about share-worthy talking points in your SMT. The name of the game is creating unique and shareable content. This additional content can only help you increase the views and impressions for the days, weeks, and months still to come.

So, let’s bring it all home now. It all comes down to leveraging the tools in your arsenal in the most impactful ways. The different forms of media platforms and channels require different considerations. By shifting your focus away from a single approach, you and your organization’s message is amplified by leaps and bounds. Let 4media group help you realize that exponential reach by taking the first step and giving us a call.

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