8th Street Market is a community-focused food hub, dedicated to creating experiences surrounding friends, family and excellent food. The business approached 4media group to aid with their communications strategy. Our first step was to perform an audit of the market’s online presence, and went to organizers with recommendations for revamping the website, resuming regular content creation, and intensifying the frequency of social posting and engagement.

To begin improving the website, 4media group began by developing a slew of new creative assets. This included in-house photography and graphic design work, coupled with photography submissions from 8th Street Market business owners, providing entirely new visual elements for the site refresh. The site’s copy was also rewritten entirely, to reflect the more modern mission of the market, placing an emphasis on community involvement and the shared experiences that wonderful food can introduce.

4media goup also assumed management of the brand’s social channels, making immediate use of the new creative material to greatly increase frequency of posting and engagement with consumers. Facebook and Instagram pages were rebranded, and the blog that exists on the site also saw its first series of posts since 2017.

Project Results:

  • Website traffic increased, where engagement on blog posts is now twice as high as it was last summer. Frequency of story creation also increased fourfold since 4media group began managing the site content, driving more visitors to the landing page and ultimately engaging an already-excited community existing inside Bentonville.
  • Social media engagement grew exponentially: Follower count from 1,500 to 2,100 on Instagram; average post engagement in comments and replies grew; average likes per post from 45 to 150.
  • Facebook metrics reveal continuing increased engagement: Posts within the past month saw 8,381 unique engagements, 217 new page likes and a 571% increase in page reach. A single story, posted to Facebook from the 8th Street Market blog, reached over 10,000 people within a matter of days.
  • PR Strategy and community outreach is creating genuine excitement! A blog post on the opening of South Market generated 1,875 views on the site, as well as 35 shares on Facebook.
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