4media group worked on a broadcast day with Cyclescheme LTD to discuss Cycle to Work Day 2017. The campaign looked at the issues of work pressures and how Brits are sacrificing ‘me-time’ as a result of those pressure.

The campaign was fronted by the cycling legend, Chris Boardman, who discussed the findings of the accompanying research and gave his expert opinion on the benefits of cycling to work.

Research commissioned by Cyclescheme revealed that 35% of the working population in the UK have less than an hour of daily ‘me time’ during the working week. More than one in three (39%) say that this is even less time than they had five years ago.

Almost half (46%) regularly work more than their contracted hours. When feeling the effects of time pressure, 37% of working Brits admit that exercise is the first activity to be dropped from their routines, while 26% ditched home cooking for convenience food.

Lack of time for leisure activities has a potentially negative impact on performance at work, with two thirds (66%) agreeing that more downtime would help make them more productive and focused in the workplace. The number of cycle commuters has risen significantly in recent years – over 90,000 more people cycle to work than in 2001. Cycling for leisure as well as utility has also increased according to British Cycling, who find there are now 100,000 more cyclists riding bikes at least once a week than

The coverage for the campaign was exceptional. The broadcast day featured 33 interviews, including ITV Central, ITV Anglia, ITV Meridian, 20 BBC radio interviews including BBC Radio 2, BBC Scotland, and BBC Mersyside, BFBS and more!

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