Campaign Stats:

  • 188 total placements
  • Daily audience: 880,625
  • Online UVM: 30,788,562

4media group was commissioned to work on b-roll and soundbite creation and distribution for E3, the country’s largest gathering of gamers and industry members. Drawing thousands to the LA Convention Center, E3 is part festival, part industry event and part game demo. 4media was charged with creating a visually rich, dynamic and interesting b-roll and soundbites package within the course of a single afternoon.

To ensure content would garner quality coverage, 4media group sent several members of its digital media and production team, including our in-house executive producer, in-house video editor and VP of digital media.

4media developed a plan for covering the entire venue, and crafting a newsworthy package. Beginning with street-level interviews, the team garnered soundbites on the value of creating new connections in gaming, the role of diversity in e-sports at large, and the growing contingent of female gamers in search of equal industry representation.

4media group also secured an interview with Mike Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association, adding authority to the package and providing stations with even stronger news value.

Following a mass of content capture, 4media’s in-house editor got to work, crafting a b-roll package, a natural sounds package, and a combination b-roll and soundbites package complete with a suggested anchor script.

From the first time anyone hit record, to the time three packages were disseminated to stations across the nation: 4 hours.

Coverage was earned in major markets across the country, such as Los Angeles, Denver and Salt Lake City, and a national airing was secured on Business First A.M.

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