Campaign Tactics:

  • Focus Group Research
  • Online Survey Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Presentation Design and Training


Sauder, a furniture brand offering an impressive variety of affordable in-home furniture, approached 4media group to perform research that would help identify product types that can be sold into retailers year-round, with a focus on the needs of those who live in apartments. Apartment-livers were dubbed ‘Apartmenteers’ for the purpose of the research.

The ultimate aim was to uncover what motivates purchasing decisions when it comes to home furnishings and décor.

4media group, in concert with our in-house research divisions, Intrinsic Insight (qual.) and Atomik Research (quant.) first took on the performance of two separate focus groups, recruiting apartment livers of various age, sex, familial level, and income.

The results of the focus groups were used to inform a quantitative research study, which took the underlying themes of the focus groups and applied them to a larger sample size (N=1,004).


Results of the survey revealed an emphasis on cost, but also provided additional clarification for points made during the focus groups, such as the line between a need and want in apartment furnishings, and even determined the top five need per rooms in apartments.

Top Stats from Survey

  • The primary reason respondents say they live in an apartment is cost (38%). This topped convenience/less responsibility (26%) as the main reason.
  • The cost of items was the most commonly given reason for why Apartmenteers shop where they do for home furnishings (59%) or housewares/home décor (56%). Convenience ranked as the second most popular reason for where they shop for both home furnishings (46%) and housewares/home décor (47%).
  • 70% of respondents agree with the statement “I buy home furnishings for my apartment because they fit a need and purpose” vs 18% agreeing with “I buy home furnishings for my apartment because I want them and don’t necessarily need them”
  • Apartmenteers decide it is time to replace a home furnishing when the item is worn out/too old (51%), when it breaks (45%), or when budget allows (38%)

The results of the research proved far-reaching. The client was thrilled with the final presentation, using it to engage with retailers in Northwest Arkansas, and ultimately to inform its sell-in strategy, stocking strategy in stores, and to identify the need for new potential product lines.

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