Campaign Highlights

  • 11 hits in the top-50 DMA’s
  • 2 national radio placements
  • More than 25 million total impressions

Campaign Tactics

  • Satellite Media Tour
  • High-quality talent selection


In July 2018, famed doughnut maker Krispy Kreme celebrated its 81st birthday. With only 10 days before the birthday, the Krispy Kreme team asked 4media group to book and produce a Satellite Media Tour with spokesman and celebrity chef, Duff Goldman.

The 4media group media booking team used the pressure, and got to work quickly, booking Duff across the country in just a few days, while the creative team worked with Krispy Kreme to ensure the tour would be a success.


The tour went extremely well behind the talent’s name recognition, engaging tone, and the Krispy Kreme doughnut birthday cake he made.

There were 14 television interviews total, with 11 hits in the top 50 DMA’s, including Atlanta, Phoenix, Sacramento, St Louis, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Las Vegas.

Three radio interviews brought two national placements, and an Audio News Release garnered 400 additional radio placements.

Nine online placements garnered millions of additional impressions, and the client was extremely satisfied overall.