PR Surveys

Full Service PR Surveys

As survey specialists, our team of media, public relations, and accredited market research professionals supply quality data for national and local media outlets resulting in influential editorial coverage.

Beyond TV, radio, newspaper, and online coverage, today’s research is a powerful tool in the digital age. Enhance brand storytelling with data driven content created for shared and owned channels grabbing attention in a busy media landscape with infographics, animations, and videos.

Your dedicated project team guides you through the entire process with consistent updates keeping you informed every step of the way.

Atomik Research

Full Service PR Surveys Include:

Dedicated project team including MRS associated researchers

Consultation to ensure correct panel groups are targeted

Various segmentation splits and filters available

Complete questionnaire scripting for approval

Fielding approved questionnaire to selected panel

Data delivery: broken down by age, gender and region in excel

‘Top line’ summary document outlining 20+ notable statistics

General population survey of 1,000-2,000 respondents can complete fielding in 24 to 36 hours. Additional time may be necessary for additional filters and specific geographic targets.

Dependable Data
All surveys are compliant with certified market research standards and compliance codes. Additional layers of quality control ensure results are accurate.

A dedicated team of media/PR, and accredited market research professionals work closely with you. The mission is to offer creative and practical advice to ensure the entire process and results meet and exceed expectations.

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