Satellite Media Tour Insights: Top Tier Media & Facebook Live

No More Cookie-Cutter SMTs!

“Let’s get CNBC. We need to be on ESPN. Any national TV would be great. Can we do something on Facebook during our SMT?”

These are just a few of the things we’ve heard from clients over the years. All these goals are possible depending on the satellite media tour talent, topic, and timing. Just remember bumps in the road are close to inevitable. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Top Tier Media Bookings:

  • Say goodbye to the typical 5 or 10-minute windows. National TV shows ask for longer time windows, as much as 30 minutes, which can eat up huge chunks of your tour. That doesn’t mean the segment will be more than the average 3-5 minutes, though. The trade-off here is a huge boost in your impressions.

  • Make a trip in-studio. If you’re in NYC or LA, an in-studio guest appearance is an awesome addition to your tour. This means less time for satellite interviews but could be the only way of securing the booking.


  • Last-minute cancellations happen.  Receiving a booking cancellation is not ideal in the least, but is the nature of the beast. If there’s breaking news, your interview will get canceled. I once received this devastating call twice in the same day. Again, it comes with the territory.

Want local TV hits in NYC or LA?

  • Remain flexible. They may want to send a crew to the tour or invite your talent to be an in-studio guest. The more you can say “Yes” the better your chances of landing an interview.

  • Planning extra time is a must. Crews have their own equipment to setup and breakdown. If they’re coming to the tour, dedicate some extra time – roughly 10 more minutes or so.

Facebook Live is a great way to boost your tour’s impressions. What should you know?


    • Leaving the studio and hitting the road is an option. In-person interviews are common. If the outlet can’t make it to the tour location, you might need to go to them. Other media outlets are creative with Skype and FB Live for remote chats. Consider the pros and cons of each potential outlet.

    • Longer, interactive interviews. FB Live interviews are best when longer with audience participation. The average is 15-30 minutes.

  • Strong Wi-Fi Connection a Must. We handle this logistic challenge and have backup mobile hotspots in case studio connections are spotty. Just remember, we might ask you to disconnect during the FB Live for bandwidth reasons.

Connecting the Dots…

Strategically managing the satellite media tour time and remaining flexible is a must. Embracing this approach allows for a bigger payoff (and ROI) at the end of the media day.

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