Spanish Media Tour Tips

Have you ever contacted a Satellite Media Tour provider looking for a partner in a Spanish Media Tour and you get the response, “Of course we can do it!”  But can they really provide what you need for a successful tour?


More and more Broadcast PR firms are offering Spanish Tours in their capabilities, understanding that the medium is growing and largely untapped.  Many will outsource these tours to Hispanic bookers, because they do not have a team member capable. Companies hire freelancers to complete the job, while the company sends the alert. The freelancers typically report media bookings on a weekly basis to a point person that most of the time has NO CLUE if the bookings are quality.

A recent successful Spanish Satelite Media Tour for 4media group from Miami Beach, Florida with the legend himself, Don Francisco.

  • 26 Total Bookings
  • All stations booked in the Hispanic Nielsen DMA Top 75.
  • 21 stations in the top 25.
  • 9 of the top 10 Hispanic markets were represented on the tour as well

Our advice, partner with a company that has internal Hispanic teams to warrant the best tour results. Speak to the person that will be handling your tour and quiz them on Spanish media nuances. Ask them for recent successes and results; don’t fall for the ruse of a firm showing an old document with past results as those results could be from projects completed long ago with former talent. It’s OK to ask questions.

It’s also important for you to partner with a seasoned news veteran, who speaks both English and Spanish that can help develop a coherent news pitch. Though there are many cultural similarities, it’s important to address the differences. It’s equally important for the client to make sure their spokesperson speaks Spanish in the native tongue that is understandable to the community that is being targeted.

Spanish Media Tour

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