Talking Tactics: Shopper Solutions

Putting together a marketing plan requires tactics that allow clients to meet their goals, whatever those may be. This week, we’re taking a look at how shopper solutions can set the stage for a carefully refined shopping and customer experience, designed to change behaviors and drive sales.

4media group introduced its shopper solutions recently, laying out four identifying factors that answer questions about the shopper journey:

  1. Develop meaningful content for the content era.
  2. Garner earned media exposure to publish and promote your content strategy.
  3. Utilize native and paid social media intelligence that connects marketers with the right shoppers
  4. Optimize content, and then measure its return.

4media group’s integrated offering allows us to pull from broad impression-based tactics and then boil them down to very specific actions all while measuring success along the way.

The current tactics that are utilized in creating a best in class shopper program include some of the following:

  • Augmented Reality with option to buy product from the experience.
  • Auto Favorite product for online grocery pick up.
  • Talent sourcing and retail program strategy integration.
  • Retail event amplification.

We are dedicated to solving your tasks with the best, most unique and profitable plans around due to over 12 years of experience across many brands and retailers.

Let us show you how we can support you, your company and your agencies!

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