Using radio days to create hard-hitting content

There are many ways to sell your story and amplify your campaign, but few are as effective as a radio day. The medium of radio is more powerful than ever, and with the right planning, spokesperson and script, you can use your radio day to make your mark, as well as creating hard-hitting content off the back of it.

What are the benefits of a radio day?

By far one of the best things about a radio day is the fact that you have a compelling platform from which to tell your story. Radio stations might all have different owners and audiences, but the end goal for all remains the same – to connect listeners with a story. When taking part in a radio day, you are immediately reaching your audience in a way that is very accessible and inclusive – the radio can be listened to anywhere, whether that be on the go or from home. That said, you need to make sure what you are saying on your radio day is interesting and compelling, and if it’s something that’s currently trending or has been covered before, you’ll need to make sure you have a unique angle on it. We’ll explain next the importance of this.

How can you use a radio day to your advantage?

Radio, for all of its benefits, has its challenges. Whilst you can download radio shows and play them again and again, most of us switch the radio on just for a casual listen, so it can be temporary. Here lies the importance of having a strong story. If someone is flicking between radio stations and they like what you’re saying, they’ll stay on the channel and keep listening. If the story is weak or doesn’t have a good ‘hook’, they’re more likely to switch off. You need to make sure you have an attention-grabbing story! This is also a good time to mention how important your spokesperson is – the more relatable, clear and insightful they are, the more likely it is your audience will be interested, stay on the channel and follow up on your story. If possible, try to get a third-party spokesperson involved – a celebrity or someone who is well known, yet not affiliated with the brand or company. From this you have a greater chance of producing further content…

How can you use a radio day to create hard-hitting content?


As mentioned above, using a third-party spokesperson greatly improves your chances of generating more content for your story or campaign. From a successful radio day, your spokesperson could become an ambassador for your brand, helping to amplify your campaign and elevate it to different platforms. Extra content could include social media posts across Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (hopefully all three!), or live videos across certain channels. Your content could be taken on as a podcast idea that could branch out into a series – if your radio day goes with a bang, the possibilities are endless.

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